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Bash Features

The bash system shell is the most widely used one on linux systems. For most sysadmins, it is the tool of choice to do small administrative tasks. There are of course other shells, and I don’t want to tell if … Continue reading

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Linux and Memory

Memory historically is a hot topic for most computer enthusiasts. You simply could not have enough memory. That used to be true for me as well until I bought an old HP XW8400 workstation from Ebay with 16 GByte of … Continue reading

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Xen Networking with VLAN

When deploying virtual machines in network environments that are setup with several VLANs, it may be a good idea to provide the virtual Host with the necessary tagged VLANs. It is possible to untag the respective vlans in the controlling … Continue reading

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Xen Hypervisor Debugging

Recently, I encountered random crashes on a Xen server. There was no output, no syslog entry, not even a remote syslog could help. In such a case, it may be helpful to access the hypervisor itself and hope that it … Continue reading

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