Xen – Removing Virtual Frame Buffer

I recently had to remove the frame buffer device from a Xen guest for debugging purposes. The frame buffer configuration in the sxp file looks like this:

        (vncunused 1)
        (uuid ????????-????-????-????-??????????)
        (keymap en)
        (type vnc)
        (xauthority /root/.Xauthority)

However after removing this section from the configuration the guest would not boot anymore. It just hung using 100% CPU and did not come up. Google was not a big help, and I had to experiment a little bit myself. In the end, it turned out, that one also has to remove the virtual keyboard configuration which looks like this:

(device (vkbd (uuid ????????-????-????-????-??????????) (backend 0)))

After removing  this section as well, the guest came up again, and I even could still use the serial console with xm console.

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