Port Forwarding with xinetd

In some network environments, where for example administration lans or some private lans are deployed, it might still be necessary to access a specific port of a machine inside that lan from the outside. Commonly, you would have to access a jump host and from there you would be able to reach the respective machine.

In our case, we had to reach the management port of a switch in a private lan. For example:

  • the private has the IP address range
  • the switch is configured with and its management port is 80
  • the jump host with access to both networks has the external address

To access the switch directly at address with port 81, you can configure xinetd on the jump host with the following configuration:

# cat /etc/xinetd.d/http-switch
service http-switch
 disable = no
 type = UNLISTED
 socket_type = stream
 protocol = tcp
 wait = no
 redirect = 80
 bind =
 port = 81
 user = nobody

After reloading (or starting if not yet done so) xinetd, you can reach the switch by pointing your browser to

chkconfig xinetd on
rcxinetd restart

The same principle can also be used when forwarding e.g. ssh ports of machines.

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