Port Forwarding with systemd

Using Port Forwarding with xinetd has served me well at many occasions. As time proceeds, new technologies show up that allow for similar functionality and others are deprecated. When reading about the obsoletion of xinetd in SLES15, I wondered if you could do the port forwarding also with systemd instead of xinetd.

To accomplish the same port forwarding like in Port Forwarding with xinetd you can proceed as follows.

With systemd, the procedure is twofold. First you have to create a socket that listens on a stream. The second part is to start a proxy service that connects to a remote port. Both are connected by means of their respective name


Just sticking with the previous example, let me use the following:

  • the private has the IP address range
  • the switch is configured with and its management port is 80
  • the jump host with access to both networks has the external address
  • use port 81 to access the switch over the jump host

The first thing we need is a .socket file:

# cat /etc/systemd/system/http-switch.socket


This socket must be connected to a proxy by means of the service name:

# cat /etc/systemd/system/http-switch.service
Description=Remote Switch redirect



After adding these files, the service can be enabled and started with the following commands:

systemctl enable http-switch.socket
systemctl enable http-switch.service
systemctl start http-switch.socket
systemctl start http-switch.service

The previous example is just a very basic one. Especially with the socket file, there is lots and lots of parameters and options available. For more information, see

man 5 systemd.socket
man 5 systemd.service

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3 Responses to Port Forwarding with systemd

  1. Derick Kemp says:

    Thank you this works great!
    Just a note for Debian and Ubuntu users the path is /lib/systemd/systemd-socket-proxyd

  2. customdesigned says:

    Is there a systemd equivalent of OnlyFrom ?

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