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Xen or KVM

Since little more than half a year, I am in the process of installing a new virtualization Platform. One of the hardest decisions to make was if we should use Xen or go with KVM. We already have Xen in … Continue reading

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Migrating a Xen VM to KVM on openSUSE

Xen and KVM are the two major virtualization techologies that are freely available on linux. Although they are quite comparable performance wise, it still may be interesting to convert a Xen virtual machine to a KVM virtual machine. Xen and … Continue reading

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Xen and serial console over IPMI (SOL)

Recently I had to configure a serial over lan (SOL) console on a bigger Supermicro server (2042G-TRF for those who are interested) that should run Xen. This turned out to be not too easy and several issues had to be … Continue reading

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Xen – Removing Virtual Frame Buffer

I recently had to remove the frame buffer device from a Xen guest for debugging purposes. The frame buffer configuration in the sxp file looks like this: (device (vfb (vncunused 1) (uuid ????????-????-????-????-??????????) (keymap en) (location (type vnc) (xauthority … Continue reading

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Xen Networking with VLAN

When deploying virtual machines in network environments that are setup with several VLANs, it may be a good idea to provide the virtual Host with the necessary tagged VLANs. It is possible to untag the respective vlans in the controlling … Continue reading

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Xen Hypervisor Debugging

Recently, I encountered random crashes on a Xen server. There was no output, no syslog entry, not even a remote syslog could help. In such a case, it may be helpful to access the hypervisor itself and hope that it … Continue reading

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Ext3 corruption may lead to unbootable Xen Guest

During a recent update of a number of Xen Guests, one of the machines would not come up again. The boot log showed the following: …. [ 1.548101] udevd version 128 started [ 39.838865] kjournald starting. Commit interval 15 seconds … Continue reading

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